In the interest of List children Cause No Name Name In the District County Court of County Texas Original Petition to Modify the Parent-Child Relationship 1. Private Health Insurance is in effect Complete if the children have private health insurance. Name of insurance company Policy number Cost of premium Name of person who pays for insurance The insurance policy is is not available through the parent s work. do not receive medical assistance through CHIPS or Medicaid. Health insurance...
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What is the Texas public policy on child custody Texas public policy dictates that with regards to child custody the state's policy should assure that children will have frequent and continuing contact with parents who have shown the ability to act in the best interest of the child provide a safe stable and nonviolent environment for the child and encourage parents to share in the rights and duties of raising their child after the parents have separated or dissolved their marriage what is the parental presumption right in Texas it is a fundamental and presumptive right in Texas and in most states that a parent or both parents should have the right and responsibility of raising their own child or children though vested with this fundamental right each parent will have the bearing and or equal parental rights depending upon their classification of conservatorship what is the child conservatorship options in Texas in Texas the court or by the parties agreement will either appoint one parent as sole manager conservator of the child or children in the marriage and the other parent as possessory conservator of the child or children of the marriage or appoint both parents as Joint Managing conservatorship the child or children of the marriage parental rights and responsibilities or duties will then be allocated between both parents either by the court or by agreement of the parties can you give some background on equal parental rights in Texas in 1973 Texas adopted the Equal Rights Amendment and provided that in deciding custody cases the court shall consider the qualification of the respective parents without regard to the sex of the parent for most Texas child custody cases and because both parents typically sharing the responsibility of raising their child or children both parents usually agree on being pointed Joint Managing conservatorship though frequently a contested issue if the parents cannot agree on conservatorship the judge or jury can appoint one parent a sole managing conservator or appoint both parents as joint men managing conservators what is primary residence in Texas custody cases primary residence by one parent means that although one or both parents may be Joint Managing conservatorship the child or children live with him or her at the parents primary residence or designated residence this provides for and insures that the child or children maintain a status quo or stability in terms of where the child or children live their place of abode and more importantly their school district on where the child their children go to school or public education do you recommend taking parenting classes based on experience and history it is generally beneficial for a parent or both parents to take parenting classes so as to improve the ability of the parents to work together in raising their child or children and in the best interest of their children though the parents may be divorced or separated children benefit the most if both parents work...